Friday, April 3, 2009

Those Who Give Ink

Who are they? What are they like? If you listen to the most common labels, they are hardcore bikers or social deviants just as those who receive their work.

Contrary to popular belief, tattoo artists can be anyone; from a quite little girl to the loudest of boys. There is no physical, cultural or racial mold requirement to become an artist. However, within their practice, a good sense of business, skill, talent and ethics would be wise.

In any case, tattoo artists are people, average (so to speak) everyday people, who need to survive and thrive in their chosen career. This is a form of employment which encompasses a vast array of personalities; deal with it, if it didn’t there would be no such thing as creative individuality. You do know that the basis of great art (and who wants anything but) is imagination, vision and risk right? Whatever personal attributes he or she may have obviously contributes to their abilities so, why muck a good thing up?

Open your minds eye---real wide.

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