Sunday, January 25, 2009

So You Have a Tattoo, Why did you get it?

How many times have you heard that type of question and noted the almost blank stare that usually accompanies it? The look is as if you have just morphed into some sort of ridiculously repulsive creature right in front of them.

I hear the question almost every time someone finds out that I have a tattoo. There is even more shock if I happen to mention I have more than one. To date I actually have a total of eighteen, though some are positioned to seem as if they are only one wrapped together. Most of them may be hidden depending on what I wear which, adds to the shock value.

When asked, do you get the vibe that there is a true factor of intrigue? Is it as if you just awakened a hidden curiosity they have about getting one of their own or that they have a profound dislike of the whole idea in general?

For those of us who have taken that great leap, explored and conquered the tattoo realm, we must smile either way.

If you've got it, flaunt it. Be proud.

I happened to get my first ‘real’ tattoo to cover a homemade bloched attempt by an ex of mine. What a disaster that was. All I can say is, thank you Troy, for helping me out with that one many moons ago.

What might your story be?