Friday, April 3, 2009

Those Who Give Ink

Who are they? What are they like? If you listen to the most common labels, they are hardcore bikers or social deviants just as those who receive their work.

Contrary to popular belief, tattoo artists can be anyone; from a quite little girl to the loudest of boys. There is no physical, cultural or racial mold requirement to become an artist. However, within their practice, a good sense of business, skill, talent and ethics would be wise.

In any case, tattoo artists are people, average (so to speak) everyday people, who need to survive and thrive in their chosen career. This is a form of employment which encompasses a vast array of personalities; deal with it, if it didn’t there would be no such thing as creative individuality. You do know that the basis of great art (and who wants anything but) is imagination, vision and risk right? Whatever personal attributes he or she may have obviously contributes to their abilities so, why muck a good thing up?

Open your minds eye---real wide.

Those Who Get Ink

What type of a person am I because I have tattoos? What kind of people actually get tattoos anyway? Are we reckless, mean or crazy? Maybe we are social deviants; and maybe not.

I find it very interesting how there is a general label placed among those of us who have body art, of any kind. The reality is that there is no type, any color or gender rule either. Sure, we may be the kind of people who are more inclined to take risks, but that could be anybody if given the right circumstance.

Here’s a label for ya, NO, we are not all Bikers and what’s the deal with that anyway? I would love to be a biker, to own a bike (sport and/or cruiser) and go ride with the wind in my hair and feel free as a bird. What a rush and why are bikers considered to be so scary? Yes it is true that most bikers have tattoos, but not all do and while I am on the subject, they are not all thugs either!

Believe it or not we really are just about anyone you could imagine. We are your neighbor, co-worker and even your boss. And yes, we are the kind of people you want as your friend, we do have feelings, oh and morals too; really. That’s a shocker I know, breathe in a paper bag if you need too its okay no ones looking.

Free your mind.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tattoo Obstacles

To work in a line of business outside of the tattoo encompassing circle, may become complicated if you are tattooed.

Most employers have policies against the visual of body art and state so in their policy manuals.

Of course what can’t be seen can’t be used against you, so the only issue in this instance is that you must hide what you gained to see or have seen by others. It has long been a concern for those who tat, that we may not be accepted by all, and that’s okay. However, to say we can not work in a particular field or company, when we know we can because we are schooled and qualified, just because we have one is short sided, disappointing and a form of discrimination.

The great thing is that when you look around, you see that this old attitude is being confronted more and more everyday.

Some rules made to be broken, are better off that way.

Tattoo Opportunities

To work with tattoos one must have talent; talent in design, imagination and vision. The need for a college education is not a necessity, although it is beneficial in general; especially if you acquire a degree in business or marketing. Promotion of a portfolio of work, tattoo applications and potential opportunities is essential to grow the business. It’s a bragging right which should be acted upon. And although knowing how to draw, believe it or not, is not required, since most designs can be traced, the potential on going work opportunities without this ability will be limited.

Word of mouth and presentation are definitely great components for advancement, so being a very personable tattooist, whether one wants to or not, tends to attract a following.

A great tattoo artist can usually do it all.

Communication while being tatted is similar to a get together for updates on the goings on of life or gossip; at least it is for those who become regulars. There is always something to talk about, or a need for distraction, while sitting for any period of time obtaining a piece of art which causes aspects of minor yet at moments, irritating pain.

For newbie’s it’s just a nervous reaction!

Show you care.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don’t think I can stress enough the topic of research before acquiring a tattoo. No one has all the answers and some have more than others so get a bit from here and there; just make sure you trust where the advice is coming from.

Misunderstanding concepts about tattooing have always existed and will continue to; just as in any line of work. Superstition and gossip is usually the cause for confusion and research on any possible misconceptions may help to alleviate this problem. Who knows, it may save you from making a big mistake and at the same time, you may find your worries were all for nothing. Better to be safe than sorry, always.

Some of the most common delusions involve health, equipment and designs. Go to a licensed establishment or artist with experience, and ask about their safety procedures in inking especially regarding their equipment. As far as designs go, anything is possible with a talented tattooist.