Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tattoo Opportunities

To work with tattoos one must have talent; talent in design, imagination and vision. The need for a college education is not a necessity, although it is beneficial in general; especially if you acquire a degree in business or marketing. Promotion of a portfolio of work, tattoo applications and potential opportunities is essential to grow the business. It’s a bragging right which should be acted upon. And although knowing how to draw, believe it or not, is not required, since most designs can be traced, the potential on going work opportunities without this ability will be limited.

Word of mouth and presentation are definitely great components for advancement, so being a very personable tattooist, whether one wants to or not, tends to attract a following.

A great tattoo artist can usually do it all.

Communication while being tatted is similar to a get together for updates on the goings on of life or gossip; at least it is for those who become regulars. There is always something to talk about, or a need for distraction, while sitting for any period of time obtaining a piece of art which causes aspects of minor yet at moments, irritating pain.

For newbie’s it’s just a nervous reaction!

Show you care.

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