Sunday, March 22, 2009


I don’t think I can stress enough the topic of research before acquiring a tattoo. No one has all the answers and some have more than others so get a bit from here and there; just make sure you trust where the advice is coming from.

Misunderstanding concepts about tattooing have always existed and will continue to; just as in any line of work. Superstition and gossip is usually the cause for confusion and research on any possible misconceptions may help to alleviate this problem. Who knows, it may save you from making a big mistake and at the same time, you may find your worries were all for nothing. Better to be safe than sorry, always.

Some of the most common delusions involve health, equipment and designs. Go to a licensed establishment or artist with experience, and ask about their safety procedures in inking especially regarding their equipment. As far as designs go, anything is possible with a talented tattooist.

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  1. it really sucks that some people still think that tatoos are just for bikers, or gang members or any negative member of society and so when seeing that I have a tatoo automaticaly asume the worst about me.