Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tattoo Obstacles

To work in a line of business outside of the tattoo encompassing circle, may become complicated if you are tattooed.

Most employers have policies against the visual of body art and state so in their policy manuals.

Of course what can’t be seen can’t be used against you, so the only issue in this instance is that you must hide what you gained to see or have seen by others. It has long been a concern for those who tat, that we may not be accepted by all, and that’s okay. However, to say we can not work in a particular field or company, when we know we can because we are schooled and qualified, just because we have one is short sided, disappointing and a form of discrimination.

The great thing is that when you look around, you see that this old attitude is being confronted more and more everyday.

Some rules made to be broken, are better off that way.

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