Monday, March 16, 2009

Tattoos: Sexuality and Mentality

Tattooing in itself is often considered taboo; and in truth, the types of tattoos, design and placement, will help determine this factor if you are interested in knowing. As in all aspects of life, there may be more to something or some action taken than you know or for that matter, care to know so, doing some research would be wise.

For example, Tramp Stamps ever wonder who the hell thought of this label. Many women choose to get a tattoo on their lower back and are not what would be considered a tramp in its sexual context. Since, this label irks me so, I decided to look it up and as with most everything there are varying view in society and an altogether differing view in reality; a simplified version of the statement is that it objectifies an all too common chauvinistic and ignorant attitude.

Moving on, some tattoos are purposeful in their usage as sexual lures, marks of fertility or pledges of love. Others are acquired for sexual pleasure; genital piercing, both male and female, which has become what some may consider an extreme measure and yet it extremely popular; just ask around.

Stamp it up my fellow inkers, stamp with pride!

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